Introduction to Seasonality Forecasting

Your road map for understanding how to spot prime seasonal (calendar) turning points for all major futures including currencies, equity index futures, bonds, and of course physical commodities.

Specific dates are provided with price charts showing seasonal forecasting based on repeating history with insightful commentary. The report is "ever-green" meaning we expect the same action each year well after you receive this study. No need for you to purchase another forecast. This report shows how the herd has moved and is expected to move markets in the future.

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Seasonality Forecasting

Why YOU need this report:

Simple Answer!

You are looking for an additional edge in your technical analysis before you pull the trigger on a trade.

I am always amazed at how the calendar can predict price movement. Seasonality is all about the study of repeating price action occurring "more often than not" each year.

We are talking about "herd" behavior. Like animals, traders move in packs with the primal belief of safety in numbers. A great example of seasonality is the old adage, "sell in May and go away."

We find seasonal tendency associated with physical commodities generally are more reliable signals...and yet in this Yen seasonal example, a financial "man created" instrument, the proof is simply undeniable...traders following each other the same time either buying or selling.

This is a wonderful addition for any trend trading futures and options as well as stock market strategies.

We see effects of repeating price behavior yet we know...Nothing in trading is 100%! Seasonality is thus a back drop for your other research. A very helpful back drop!

I have assisted helping traders become their own "expert" through years of teaching at Hit the Mark Trading.  The Introduction to Seasonality Forecasting is another tool I endorse and use.

Incredibly, you can simply keep using the same approach outlined in this study year after year rather than trying to time the market using cycles, astrological, sun or moon charting, etc. Stick with what the professionals are using...the calendar. In this respect, the information is a living document.

No need to purchase a new seasonal report each year since actions repeat!

Again, we know nothing in trading is 100%. We simply follow peak BUY or SELL dates as a potential timing tool based on price history showing repeating tendency.

I am a student of the market just like you with similar goals of finding higher probability follow through set-ups. NO ONE CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE...but we can see repeating price foot prints in the past and infer the "herd" will likely do the same thing again.

I have experienced the pleasure of helping hundreds of traders across the world through my simplified approach taught at Hit the Mark Trading. You can read client comments here. Please understand I am not providing specific trading advice for individuals.

Trading stocks, bonds, futures and options...especially trading futures, is not a suitable investment for all. You should not think this service or any service will not experience losing trades regardless of market perspective provided. I am not a financial advisor, nor a licensed professional or CTA. No communication or chat sessions should be considered as financial or trading advice. All information is intended for Educational Purposes Only. Please consider the important disclaimer here.


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